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It all starts with a handshake

Our success is derived from our discipline to stick to the fundamentals of customer acquisition with an authentic approach; face to face interaction.

Gregory J Inc has been a trusted name in the Greater Boston community. With a strong focus on face to face sales and direct marketing, we have become experts in promoting and selling products for our clients. Our team is the best at what they do, combining their expertise with integrity and a commitment to providing growth opportunities from within.


We exclusively work with our customers in-person within a retail setting. We are dedicated to providing only the best, working with them face to face, and building long-lasting relationships. Our team strives to create quality conversations and sell products with integrity, providing our patrons with a level of honesty that they can rely upon. With contracts in over 20 locations, we offer premium experiences and knowledgeable reps that can assist with any inquiries. Our company takes pride in the relationships we've built and maintained with our customers throughout the years. 

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