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About Us

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Our Story

Our specialty is in-person sales for our clients, getting them new customers within retail stores. Our success is derived from our discipline to stick to the fundamentals of customer acquisition with an authentic approach; face to face interaction.

We understand the value of human connection. We feel an obligation to pursue growth within business based on the same principle in which it was founded, with a handshake. Our time-tested systems of creating personal relationships with consumers allows us to effectively tackle the dynamic nature of the business field. It is for this reason we have continually taken on expansion opportunities across multiple different sales campaigns.

Meet Julie:

Julie has been a manager in the sales/marketing industry for over 17 years. She started her career in an entry level role in 2005 after graduating from James Madison University with English and Sociology majors. She has managed offices in California, Pennsylvania and Boston for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and now currently Inspire Energy. In 2014, Julie got promoted to a consultant role where she helps oversee offices across the country.

Julie grew up in Sudbury, MA the oldest of 4. She now resides in Westborough, MA with her husband and 2 kids - Isabella and Michael. In her free time she enjoys checking out local restaurants and a nice glass of red wine.

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Meet Alex:

Alex was born and raised in Connecticut. He was heavily involved in sports and music growing up and dabbled in many areas of each. From performing in jazz band on saxophone and competing in tennis, to scuba diving and playing basketball, he is always determined to be the best of the best while remaining a team player.

He still uses these foundational skills when coaching and mentoring his team. Alex believes in dedication, goal setting, and most importantly- taking care of the team member next to you.

His future goals include traveling to Mallorca, where his favorite tennis player is from, to visit his academy.

The Team- Out of Office

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